An autonomous assistant that helps and, tells you how it feels about it...


which is what allows ASPA to stand out against other personal assistants at the time. Abeni's parents ensured that he would be one of a kind for there daughter, with one protocol in mind; "Keep Abeni safe." ASPA will go above and beyond to ensure that those protocol is met. Pending the danger, he allows for input from Abeni but, if its too dangerous, he is programed to override her instructions.


ASPA has been with Abeni since she started at the Academy and has had more than enough time to adapt to her and learn her persona. As well, he has been upgraded and changed here and there to grow as Abeni grew. One of these updates allowed for him to connect with her Irunmole's systems in order to help her pilot it if the need ever came. While ASPA does love to purposely get on Abeni's nerves...he is more of a helper and will ensure that she meets her highest ability.


Automated Scheduler and Personal Assistant


Characters Info Powers: Quantum Processing Speed, On-board Weapons, Technology Interface, Automation Control, EMP Shielding, EMP Weapons, Nanite Healing, Kinetic Shield Projection, Hacking, Flight, Access to Y.O.A Knowledge Database, Quantum Calculation Speed Alias: ASPA Real Name: Autonomous Scheduler and Personal Assistant First Appearance: Orisha EXOS i01 Alignment: To Abeni Reign Occupation: Assistant and Co-Pilot to Abeni Reign Teams: Abeni Reign Related Characters: Abeni Reign, Kehinde Reign, Oban Reign, Kela O'to, Taylor Orlo, Nzinga Mino

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