Her lineage is considered a myth. Her powers are magical...


and her fighting skills are incredible. Akana Singleton is the blessed with a magical enchantment that's known to some as The Djiinn Hunter. Her abilities allow her to slay Djinn, a creature of the 5th dimension thats said to be the first beings to inhabit the world.


She is part of a long line of Djinn Hunters. The first one being her distant grandfather, a man that was endowed with the magical powers from a Shaman in their village, after a dispute with is wife who was, in truth, a djinn. Akana's family has been hunted every since. However, more  disheartening than the hunt is the fact that, once a child is blessed, a second child born to the family would be cursed. Akana's abilities allow her to cover her body in a liquid metal that she can use to weaponize or fortify her body. As well, she can add additional powers to her own, changing the property of the metal.


Akana is the weapons specialist of the team. A former British Commando. She will do what is needed to be done to protect the team and has no issues taking her target down for the long nap.


The Djinn Hunter


Characters Info Powers: Super (OC) Durability, Power Absorber, Power Replication, Power Altercation Enhancement, Molecular Self-Morphing, Super Strength, Transmutation, Rapid Healing ability, Power Mimicry, Super Jump Alias: Alchemy, The Chrome Alchemist Real Name: Akana Kenza Singleton First Appearance: Cypher Team i01 Alignment: Hero Occupation: TEMPLE Lead Weapons Instructor, Cypher Team Weapons Specialist, Djinn Hunter Teams: Cypher Team, Djinn Hunter Related Characters: Pyreblade, Bolt, Kunoichi, Madame Neutron, Reignas, Obsidien, Tarot, Breather, Felyne, Djinn Lord, The Black Djinn Order

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