The Prodigy



The prodigal son, the face of TEMPLE High. He is strong...


As he should be, being the son of the Djinn Hunters. Damian Singleton has a mantle over him that most kids his age wouldn't even dream of. He is thought of as being the chosen one to slay the Black Djinn and his mother and father will do everything in their power to make sure that he's ready for the task.


Like his mother, Damian is a Djinn Hunter but, his powers work totally different from hers. Something that is common as the gift blesses a new warrior each generation. Damian seems to be one, with all things electrical or plasma based. This allows him to transcend plains that most don't even know exist. To include his own little pocket, that he has come to call, the Static Realm.


Damian is the class leader for 9-A. Eventually he becomes the Freshman Class President. However, he'll face some fun challenges on the way there. As he's opposed by other students who think that he's just a TEMPLE baby, born with a silver spoon. Boy, are they sorely mistaken.

Characters Info Powers: Electromagnetism/Electrical telekinesis, electrical manipulation, healing (bio-electrical manipulation), teleportation (electric transmutation), electrical solidification, electro-reception/absorption, electrical telepathy, electro kinetic combat, electrical realm travel. Alias: Arrowvolt, D, Daim, Genie, Sparky, Silver Real Name: Damian Lamont Singleton First Appearance: TEMPLE High i01 Alignment: Student Occupation: Student, 9-A Class Leader, Freshman Class President Teams: The Djinn Hunters Related Characters: Alchemy, Pyreblade, Venomiss, Gravchild, OniGirl, Ogre, Shade, Rage, Tiburon, Techatry, Djinn Lord, The Black Djinn Order

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