With the ability to literally freeze hell over, she has a heart of the purest flames...


and its shown on more than one occasion as she has taken over as Dean of Soaribahn Academy, bringing along her entire TEMSOC team with her as they all became teachers. She is quoted as saying, "children are ships sailing at sea and we, the adults, are their lighthouses; responsible for leading them in the right direction." This is something that she lives by as she has built Soaribahn Academy to not only be the top school for Xenith children but, the top school on the planet as far as education and STEAM is concerned.


While she is an educator, this isn't to be taken lightly as she has gained the nickname, "The Arctic Queen." For any soul threatening her students, and children, she will show them the coldest side of her. A side that has been seen many times as she was once the leader of the second most powerful team in TEMSOC, Cypher Team Sigma. Even though her team is off active duty, they do activate occasionally to rescue any young Xenith that may be in trouble out in the world and could possibly need refuge. God forbid the team is ever reactivated to save a student.



The Arctic Queen


Characters Info Powers: Super (OC) Durability, Heat Absorbtion, Ice Absorption, Ice Manipulation, Cryo-Thermal Manipulation, Snow Manipulation, Absolute Zero Inducement, Cryo-Electric Manipulation, Cryo-kinetic Construct/Object Creation, Thermo-Kinetic Combat, Ice Aura/Shield, Coagulated Ice, Molecular Self-Morphing, Transmutation, Rapid Ice Healing Ability, Ice Infusion, Ice Exoskeleton, Vapor Travel, Cryo-teleportation Alias: Arctic Rose, The Arctic Queen Real Name: Regina Yesenia Reign First Appearance: TEMPLE High i02 Alignment: Hero Occupation: Dean of Soaribahn Academy, Cypher Team Sigma Leader Teams: Cypher Team Sigma Related Characters: Reignas, Sombra, Kynetic, Kunoichi, Madame Neutron, Pyreblade, Alchemy, Obsidien, Tarot, Breather, Felyne, Djinn Lord, The Black Djinn Order

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