Princess on her home world, Rock star on Earth...


and she loves every minute of it! It did take her a bit to get to this point after she crash landed in Mexico but, the family that found her, took her in and showed her nothing but love. They raised her as though she were their own and taught her how to act like an earthling. Which wasn't hard after she turned 14 and her nanites activated allowing her to change the color of her skin and other attributes. Shortly after landing on earth she heard her first song and fell in love with music. She held on to that love, practicing music and the guitar as she also kept up with her studies to follow in the path of her adoptive parents studying quantum engineering and nano-biology; which she felt would help her learn a little more about the nanites that she had in her body as well.


After college she came to America where she got a job working with Crystilis Cybernetics in California. While in California she also met her soon to be best friend, Maria and the rest of the STARS as they eventually decided to combine their musical talents and become a band. Only later did the girls decide to go the hero route, as they felt that it was something needed and they were getting tired of seeing crime go unpunished.


Other than being a rock star and scientist she is a model as well and became "Scientist Bae" on the Internet.


The Alien Rockstar


Characters Info Powers: Energy Manipulation, Energy Manifestation, Energy Control, Energy Projection, Sonic Displacement, Sonic Projection, Sonic Manipulation, PicoBio Morphing, Super Strength, Pico Healing, Hyper Senses, Echo Location, "Second Sight," Empathy, Flight, Super Strength Alias: Aviyan, Ya Ya Real Name: Y'Layia Scandura / YaYa Sanchez First Appearance: STARS i01 Alignment: Hero Occupation: Nano Biological Engineer, Model, Rock Star, STARS Teams: STARS Related Characters: Syphon, Tectonica, Render, Sol, Kandyc, Penumbra, Detective Sanchez, Lummox

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