New to the Black Sheep, he gave it all for a friend...


Caymen's story was short lived but, just like the heroic entrance that he came in on, he went out, just the same. A strong pilot and endearing friend, Caymen put his team first ensuring that they would be able to continue the fight against the Aryas forces. His name, along with other fallen pilots at The Battle for Callisto, will go down in history, placed on a memorial on Callisto and Mawu.




Characters Info Powers: N/A Alias: N/A Real Name: Caymen Ife First Appearance: Orisha EXOS i01 Alignment: Yoruban Orbital Alliance (YOA) Occupation: Black Sheep 10 Pilot, Orisha Military Assembly Officer Teams: Black Sheep Related Characters: Kela O'To, Abeni Reign, , Kwame Diallo, Dendera Ra, Nzinga Mino, King Kudo,
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