The best damn mechanic in YOA, even if she must say so herself...


and she will! She chose to be the mechanic for Shango, even though her childhood friend pilots Oxosi. She has her reasons but, to put it bluntly, she always hid in the shadows of her friend and this was her way of setting herself apart. Even though she went through the Orisha Pilot Academy, she didn't do well with Orisha or Irunmole sync's but, she excelled in engineerings, puzzle solving and mechanics. Instead of letting her leave the academy, the school advised her to take the mechanic route. She chose Shango.


Since being Shango's mechanic, she has upgraded a lot of mechanics for the Orisha and has proven to be a vital role as she also redesigned his weapon systems. She will prove to be a huge tool (no pun intended) for Shango and the Irunmole that will finally come to be his guard.


The Skinwalker


Characters Info Powers: Lycanthropy, Super Strength, Extreme Durability, Light replication, Light manipulation, Light Manifestation Molecular Self-Morphing, Super Senses, Rapid Healing ability, Super Jump Alias: Chief, Lightwolf Real Name: Chela Lightwolf First Appearance: Orisha EXOS i02 Alignment: Yoruban Orbital Alliance (YOA) Occupation: Shango Chief Mechanic, Weapon Designer Teams: Shango Wing Related Characters: Chitlali Amini, Chichoo, Hakim Ifirar, Taylor Orlo, Abeni Reign, Nzinga Mino
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