One of Nzinga's most trusted, she has earned Olukore...


and no one will ever take that from her! When Dendera was sent to the Black Sheep, she was broken, most like the other pilots that are there. During her training the academy decided to do something that was never done, a full training in Irunmole. Dendera being the top in her class and looked up to by many, was overly excited. What she didn't expect was the activation of her powers in the middle of training. Because of this, she put two of her squad members in a coma and ruined all of the irunmole in her practice squad when her "solar flares" activated. After this she was never the same and backed out of sync trials for Oxosi. The Ase knowing that she would be a great help to the Y.O.A sent her to The Black Sheep.


While there, she kept to herself only speaking when spoken to but, Nzinga quickly changed that by forcing her to talk more and give her own ideas when she saw something that could go another way. Eventually Dendera opened up to the team and from there became a vital member of the unit. She, like the rest of the Olukore, have powers and her powers allow her to be a formitable pilot of Black Sheep 03.


The Sun Goddess


Characters Info Powers: Heliokenesis, Heat Absorber, Heat Manipulation, Solar Flare Manifestation, Plasma Manipulation Molecular Self-Morphing, Solar Attacks, Transmutation, Solar Flight, Solar Energy Manipulation, Solar Energy Absorption Alias: Dera, The Sun Goddess Real Name: Dendera Monea Ra First Appearance: Orisha EXOS i01 Alignment: Yoruban Orbital Alliance (YOA) Occupation: Black Sheep Trainer, Black Sheep 03 Pilot Teams: Black Sheep Related Characters: Nzinga Mino, King Kodu, Hayden McCloud , Tyrone Pyke, Titus Pyke, Abeni Reign, Kela O'to

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