The Princess of Gravity



As she would say, "I'm a big girl with grav powers, deal with it!".


You probably should. Even Dela Simms is new in her power and is learning to hon them properly. Her abilities are still good. With that, she has unrivaled potential that she has yet to tap into. The ability to control gravity is a force on its own. As she wields it more and more, she will become stronger.


With her abilities, she's able to alter the gravity of those that are around her, to include herself. Increasing, or decreasing the gravitational pull on her target. Her endurance is low and that is something that she is working to lift. Her favorite pass time to increase her abilities and its endurance are attempting to reverse waves while at the beach.


Dela is in homeroom class 9-A. She is the joker of the group and that says a lot, considering that she was bullied prior to coming to Soaribahn Academy from her old school. She likes to be glue that keeps people together. Its a role that she plays in her family as well. However, its not a weakness to be played. While she's a joker and smiler, she can be vicious when cornered.

Characters Info Powers: Gravity Manipulation, flight, enhanced speed, density manipulation, gravity field manipulation, super strength, Alias: Gravchild, Del, Country, The Princess of Gravity Real Name: Dela Monet Simms First Appearance: TEMPLE High i01 Alignment: Student Occupation: Student Teams: N/A Related Characters: Bolt, Venomiss, OniGirl, Ogre, Shade, Rage, Tiburon, Techatry, Prisa, Phase Shift

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