As kind as she is vicious, her heart belongs to Tuskegee...


and she will do everything in her power to make sure that he is safe and protected while on her hunting grounds. That even means if she has to hunt him herself! Kyiti was the number one ranked bounty hunter in the Hunters Conclave ever since she was 12 years old. She hunted with her father for the first time when she was 6, subduing and taking out the target that her father was after, all alone. This mark was worth 10 million GAC and individuals began to think that she took him by surprise due to her age. Then, she did it again and, again. Hunting was first nature to hear and she thought quickly in any situation that she was in. Instead of pushing her into another profession, her father chose to train her more and brought her into his Ode Organization...The Binary Stars, where she rose up the ranks, faster than any other hunter.


When Kyiti turned 24, she felt that she had lived at the top for long enough and chose to retire from the hunters lifestyle. She was respected, and feared, throughout the galaxy and sat on a large amount of GAC. GAC that she saved up to one day open a bar that she and her father talked about while out on hunting trips. She did just that, opening Kyiti's Tavern on Hunters Moon. A moon thats for hunters and hunters alone. No bounty DARES fly 100,000 parsecs of the moon. This is where she met Tuskegee and her new story begins there.


Heiress To The Mwindaji

Kyiti Oda

Characters Info Powers: Super (OC) Senses, Night Vision, Thermal Vision, X-Ray Vision, Poison Attacks, Acrobatics, Heightened Agility, Speed, Weapons Mastery, Hand to Hand Combat, Super Strength, Healing Ability, Super Jump Alias: The Heiress, Assassin Muuaji, Muuaji Real Name: Kyiti Ode First Appearance: Ayanmo Stigmata i01 Alignment: Bounty Hunter Occupation: Retired Bounty Hunter, Employer to the Ayanmo Stigmata Teams: Ode Organization, The Ayanmo Stigmata, Hunters Conclave Related Characters: Tuskegee, Jikortu Ode, Seeda, Maroaw, Roaroaw, Obsidien, DroneX, QuTee

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