Incredibly secretive, incredibly kind. Her power designation is ELE.


As her designation claims, Sara Villa-Blair is an Extinction Level Event, walking. She wasn't always so.

She was once an archaeologist, she hunted for a Goddess that the world forgot and she found

what she was looking for. The Goddess of Life and Death.


Her powers make her virtually indestructible, if she decides to use the destructive side of her power.

She usually ops to stay away from that side as she leans for to compassion. Healing those

around her, protecting them, strengthening them and being a tactical asset. Don't think for a

second that due to her compassion, she couldn't take out a bad guy. She can, she's just had

to develop creative ways to do so. Like pinpointing a vital organ and turning it off.


Sara is the healer of Cypher Team, a major tactical asset and no where near a hindrance.

Moreover, she is the commander of TEMPLE Special Operations Command (TEMSOC).


The Goddess


Characters Info Powers: Nuclear/Neutrino Based Energy, Healing Ability, Life-Force Depletion, Life-Force Enhancement, Ability Enhancer, X-Ray Vision, Nuclear Emission, Nuclear Blaster, Telekinesis, Empathy, Force Field Emission, Flight, Rapid Healing Ability Alias: Madame Neutron, The Madame Real Name: Sara Rocio Villa-Blair First Appearance: Cypher Team i01 Alignment: Hero Occupation: TEMPLE Lead Archeologist, Cypher Team Healer, TEMSOC Commander Teams: Cypher Team Related Characters: Reignas, Kunoichi, Alchemy, Pyreblade, Obsidien, Tarot, Breather, Felyne
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