To shine through her parents shadows, she chooses to...


rebel but, like her lineage would have paved, she is the best in her class. There's no way around it as she has broken records set by her parents and other Irunmole and Orisha pilots before her. Where she lacks in team work, she excels in reflex and battle logic but, she's going to need to grow up if she really wants to be seen as the best and if she really wants to shine through the shadows that her parents cast so well.


On the straight path to attempting sync trials for the chance to pilot Shango, the Ase had other things in mind as they decided to send her, with her friend Kela, to one of the most feared and outcast units in the Yoruban Orbital Alliance, The Black Sheep. What she doesn't know, is everyone on the Black Sheep have abilities and in their own right, each is qualified to pilot an Orisha but instead, because of their own differences, were sent to this unit. Even here Abeni feels out f place as she even finds out that her childhood friend, Kela, is a xenith and has special powers as well. She doesn't realize that this is probably the best place that she could've been sent.


The Wild Child


Characters Info Powers: No powers Alias: Beni, The Wild Child Real Name: Abeni Amandla Reign First Appearance: Orisha EXOS i01 Alignment: Yoruban Orbital Alliance (YOA) Occupation: Black Sheep 7 Pilot, Orisha Military Assembly Officer Teams: The Black Sheep Related Characters: Kehinde Reign, Oban Reign, Kela O'to, A.S.P.A, Taylor Orlo, Nzinga Mino, King Kodu, Adonis Keldon, Yuura Luna, Dendera Ra, Hayden McCloud, Titus Pyke, Tyrone Pyke, Hakim Ifirar, Chela Lightwolf

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