A super intelligent primate!


Descendant of the Spider Monkey, Chichoo is part of a newly evolved genus that came due to the changed the earth was going through. These changes increased the cognitive abilities of the monkey so that its problem solving skills were on par with that of a human, as well, it allowed for them to change the color of their fur so that they could blend in with their surroundings when threatened or, on the hunt. There is myth that some of these monkeys have the ability to speak, even if just a couple of words, Chichoo hasn't shown that yet. Albeit, the monkeys do fully understand language and are capable of using computer equipment just as good, if not better, than some humans.


Hakim Ifirar found Chichoo when he was just a baby, wounded in the rainforest's, when he was on a hike with his father. Knowing that the monkey was left by his parents, he took him in and decided to nurse him back to health. He never saw Chichoo as a pet but more of a friend, or family member, as he know the intellectual level that these animals have.


Chichoo helps out aboard Shango, making mechanical changes on the fly when needed and directed by Chela Lightwolf.


The Evolved Spider Monkey


Characters Info Powers: Intelligence, Strength, Super Sense, Speed, Agility, Molecular Self-Morphing Alias: Choo Real Name: ChiChoo Ifirar First Appearance: Orisha EXOS i02 Alignment: Team Shango Occupation: Assistant to Hakim Ifirar and Team Shango Teams: Team Shango Related Characters: Hakim Ifirar, Chela Lightwolf, Taylor Orlo, Abeni Reign

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