Silent, Swift, and Lethal. She's the last of her clan and...


she won't let anyone or anything get in her way to find the things that killed her family. Unfortunately for them, she was the strongest of them all, taking to her family bloodline trait at the tender age of 5, she was finally allowed to train as a Kishu Ninja.


Which is something that's uncommon as she is a mixed child. However, her grandfather couldn't turn a blind eye to the fact that she was capable of conjuring her Ki, to a level that most adults couldn't, at a young age. Her family has the ability to cover their body in their Ki, allowing for them to become indestructible. This ability was known as "Wolf's Iron." Sanjera, on the other hand, was able to take her ability into a "rainbow" form. An ability that is said to be infinite in its durability. However, its something that's only been spoken of in family myth, never seen, until her. As well, she was on a short list of Wolf Ki users who's able to launch their "iron" towards their enemy.


Sanjera Reign is the Espionage/Infiltration gatherer of the team. She's usually sent in alone to handle situations before the team gets there. While she's not a phenosapian, this does show her danger level.


The Assassin


Characters Info Powers: Super Human durability, healing ability, lightning manipulation, Lightning manifestation, Lightning control wind manipulation, wind manifestation, wind control, Ki manipulation, Ki manifestation, Ki control ability, Density augmentation, enhanced strength, enhanced reflexes Alias: Kunoichi, Shaininguurufu, Sanj Real Name: Sanjera Arisu Reign (Tsukino) First Appearance: Cypher Team i01 Alignment: Hero Occupation: TEMPLE Lead Espionage/Infiltration Specialist, Cypher Team Espionage/Infiltration Specialist Teams: Cypher Team Related Characters: Reignas, Arctic Rose, Sombra, Kynetic, Madame Neutron, Alchemy, Pyreblade, Obsidien, Tarot, Breather, Felyne

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