MARSOC, Force Recon, SS, a highly Decorated Former Marine officer and now...


he's one of the strongest individuals on the face of the planet. Jordan Singleton's powers didn't come naturally though. He's not a phenosapien nor was he born into magic. He, actually, married into magic. When he and Akana got married, her family bestowed the Shaman's Scarab upon him, to use to protect his family.


With the Shaman's Scarab, he's able to command fire to his will. Using it as a weapon against the Black Djinn and his hordes that want to see Akana's family wiped from the face of the earth. As well, the scarab can morph into any weapon that Jordan may need at the moment, as the metal that the scarab is made from, comes from his wife.


Jordan is the muscle, the tank, and sniper when needed, of Cypher Team. His background in the Marine Special Forces is a huge tactical advantage for the team as he has, quite literally, been there and done that. Jordan tends to be mild mannered but, his rage is as wild and uncontrollable as the fire that he wields.


The Marine


Characters Info Powers: Pyro-kinetics, Healing Ability, Fire Manipulation, Fire Manifestation, Fire Control, Cold/Heat Absorption, Transmutation, Metal Transmorphication, Nuclear Emission, Super Strength, Enhanced Endurance, Flight, Enhanced Durability. Alias: Pyreblade, JD Real Name: Jordan Damian Singleton First Appearance: Cypher Team i01 Alignment: Hero Occupation: TEMPLE Lead Demolition Expert, Cypher Team Tank/Sniper, TEMSOC-Sniper Teams: Cypher Team, Djinn Hunter Related Characters: Alchemy, Bolt, Kunoichi, Reignas, Madame Neutron, Obsidien, Tarot, Breather, Felyne, Djinn Lord, The Black Djinn Order

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