The Colonel



When the going gets tough, it gets no tougher than Colonel Elias Reign.


Elias has the ability to kinetically adsorb any attack and use it at the level, and target, he chooses.

Because of this ability, he is seen as potentially one of the strongest individuals on the face of the earth,

as his ability is only limited to the strength of the individual he is fighting.


Not only is he brute strength, he is also incredibly intelligent as he is the number one geneticist

on earth and considered to be in the top 5 of "The SoVerse's" smartest beings.

This also makes him a force to be reckoned with on the battle field because he is

capable of thinking up to 10 steps ahead of the individual that he is fighting against.

So much so, that some believe that he is a precog, even though

there is nothing to prove that.


Elias is also the leader of Cypher Team and ranks in at second in charge of TEMPLE

Special Operations Command (TEMSOC).

Characters Info Powers: Kinetic Energy/Energy Absorption, Kinetic Energy/Energy Amplification, Kinetic Energy/Energy Displacement, Kinetic Energy/Energy Redirection, Personal Forcefield, Super strength, Super agility/jump Alias: Reignas, The Colonel Real Name: Elias Le Reign First Appearance: Cypher Team i01 Alignment: Hero Occupation: TEMPLE Lead Geneticist, Cypher Team Leader, TEMSOC Vice Commander Teams: Cypher Team Related Characters: Arctic Rose, Sombra, Kynetic, Madame Neutron, Kunoichi, Alchemy, Pyreblade, Obsidien, Tarot, Breather, Felyne

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